Full Body Laser

The Retrieve’s Full Body Laser intensely facilitates hair reduction and makes the skin soft and smooth. Our well trained professionals ensure to provide you with a pain free experience.

 At The Retrieve, our priorities are safety, health and results. This technology is FDA approved and a totally safe procedure. Our Full Body Laser, uses technology, which decreases the surface temperature of the skin, to protect its outer layer, thus making the procedure highly comfortable. Also, the slight anaesthetic effect of the technology further enhances the comfort level of the procedure.

 Our team of trained and professional Laser technicians will make certain all safety cautions are correctly followed and the experience is as comfortable as possible.


Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction, is the easiest way to bid goodbye to all the unwanted hair. Select the area where you want your laser hair reduction and you will be just a step away from getting you the smooth and silky skin of your dreams.

Under Arms Laser Treatment:

Besides spending your money, waxing is a painful procedure. The procedure leaves a post burn sensation while you feel the hot wax burn the hair follicle. Hair removal is necessary but doesn’t have to be painful at all. If you are doubtful or even anxious about the procedure, try our underarm laser hair removal.