Charcoal Facial

Activated Charcoal rigorously helps in cleansing sweat and grease from the pores and removes dead cells. Using the extracts of menthol and licorice, charcoal facials brighten your complexion by reducing dark spots and encourages new cell generation. This facial works for all skin types and provides the much needed hydration to the skin.

Fruit Facial

Fruits contain all the required vitamins and minerals in the most natural way. Other than their benefits for the body they are beneficial for the skin as well. Fruits work magic on the skin because of a lot of natural anti-oxidant content. The Retrieve has a range of fruit facials with the best fruit extract and fresh fruit pulp to give you the perfect radiance.

Ayurveda Facial

  1. Double Power Double Neem Facial: This facial is enriched with Ayurvedic herbs. With the extracts of Neem Leaf and Neem Seed Oil, this facial helps in skin lightening and has anti-ageing with all the anti-oxidants and antimicrobial extracts.
  2. Haldi and Chandan Facial: Haldi has been traditionally known as a healing herb. It is enriched with anti-oxidants and when combined with Chandan, they work perfect for cooling and anti-inflammatory and remove blemishes. The combination of Haldi and Chandan with Chamomile Oil additionally aids in skin conditioning.
  3. Chandan and Kesar Facial: This facial is a unique formula known to lighten your skin and get rid of blemishes. Chandan has been used for years for its benefits of soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. This facial provides natural fairness and long lasting moisture.
  4. Advanced Facials:
    1. Casmara Treatment: A high grade facial, Casmara treatment is a facial mask with Goji berries. It stops the action of external agents and reinstates the natural quality if the skin. This procedure encourages collagen synthesis making your skin more elastic and rejuvenated. Casmara treatments are the best choice in professional cosmetic to get that perfect glow and enhance the quality of your skin.
    2. Sea Salt Facial: Your skin gets exposed to a lot of impurities on an everyday basis. Our Sea Salt Facial is the perfect solution to get rid of those unwanted impurities and to reinstate that lost glow. The Sea Salt Facial opens your pores and reduces fine lines and detoxifies the skin naturally.
    3. Hydra Facial: Hydra Facial is a non-invasive treatment that involves multiple steps and is a combination of the advantages of hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel and painless extractions. It works great for the skin and delivers the correct amount of anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. This entire procedure takes a very minimum time and has no side effects.


    • Benefits every skin type
    • Can be done in under 30 minutes
    • Instant results
    • No side effects or irritation
    1. Oxygen Boost Facial: Oxygen Boost Facial is the perfect way to reinstate healthy skin with the boost of energy. This facial includes 4 steps and incorporates encapsulated oxygen molecules that restore skin metabolism. This therapy acts as an ultimate system to absorb vitamins, minerals and enhances the quality of your skin drastically. Incorporated with the benefits of fermented sweet black tea extracts, O2 sphere and sodium hyaluronate this treatment stimulates skin vitality.
    2. Outbreak Purifiers: Say good bye to oily and acne prone skin with Outbreak Purifier. In this treatment gentle but effective exfoliators like lactic and mandelic acid are used to remove accumulated dead skin, unclog pores and encourage skin renewal. This treatment stimulates sebum secretion which makes the skin oil free, smooth and shine- free. Wild Yam extract, Rosa Damascena flower water and volcanic origin clay help in maintaining the balance of the skin.
    3. Rejuvenating Facial: This facial comes with the combined benefits of 7 facials. Using the benefits of activated charcoal, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Vitamin E, rose flower Water, Luminaria Extract and Sea Algae this facial is perfect for overall skin rejuvenation. This treatment will lighten & brighten, restore Ph. balance, will deep cleanse pores and is effective for all skin types.
    4. Luxury Facial: This facial is especially designed for specific needs of the clients and incorporates a deep cleansing, peeling and exfoliating of the skin with the neck, chest, lips and eye areas. This treatment involves the use of silky serums, masks, gels and a relaxing message to leave your skin supple and full of radiance.
    5. Protein Facial: Protein Facial is your answer to all the skin strengthening needs that make your skin smooth and younger looking. This facial activates collagen stimulation in the skin and provides elasticity. This treatment will provide enough collagen for your skin that makes it firm and healthy.
    6. Organic Care Facial: Organic Facial treatments make your skin look younger and detoxifies skin of all the impurities. They are in demand for getting rid of the dirt and tan caused by pollution and extreme weather conditions. Organic Care Facials hydrate, moisturise and cleanse your skin with natural essentials making it look radiant.
    7. Plant Stem Cell Facial: Stem Cell Facial helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and is performed by using a patented technology which activates skin stem cells inner potential for renewal, working from the core of the skin itself. Sea caviar or sea green grape is a Japanese ingredient, known for reducing wrinkles and facial lines.
    8. Aroma Therapy Facial: This treatment embodies several benefits like cleansing pores and begins with a facial steam. It also benefits in the cleansing of the impurities that have assimilated over a period of time. This treatment makes the use of essential oils that are added to water that work deep within the pores of your skin.
    9. Whitening Facial: Whitening Facial, provides you a profound solution to the darkened, dull or uneven skin tone. The procedure is performed using nanotechnology which delivers powerful whitening activities beneath multiple skin layers, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy. This is done with a combination of hydrating agents and protective antioxidants, which helps restore skin’s dewy radiance. Its White Luminance Cream is highly-penetrative and has whitening moisture surge for lasting fairness facilitated by its Intelligent Targeting of Pigmentation, thus rendering a Lightened Complexion.
    10. Glow Facial: Do you have dull, tanned and a lifeless face? Rejuvenate your face with The Retrieve’s Glow Facial. Utilizing an hour, will cleanse, moisturize and completely re-vitalize your skin, leaving you fresh and instantly glowing.
    11. Seeds Magic: Seeds Magic has the goodness of Soya bean protein, Olive lipids, Rap seed extracts, Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids, Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry seed extracts. A perfect blend to fight the first signs of ageing, revealing a rejuvenated youthful-looking complexion. The combination works as a powerhouse, where the deep nourishing properties of each seed works in harmony to hydrate, firm and plump up facial contours.