Hair Rebonding is a chemical procedure that modifies your hair, turning the curls straight in the process. Unlike a hair straightener, Rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds to re-arrange them to form new bonds for straight hair.

The results may vary for different hair types. We recommend a regular touch up in 3-6 months depending on the hair growth. Rebonding is a permanent procedure and there is no turning back to your normal hair.

How does it work? The process of hair rebonding primarily makes use of two chemicals, cream relaxant and neutralizer. The hair is prepped by washing thoroughly with a mild shampoo and blow dried on medium heat. The cream is ideally left for 30 minutes for normal hair and 45-60 minutes for curly hair. After this the neutraliser is left in for 30 minutes and the hair is rinsed. At the end of the whole process the hair is ironed. It is advised not to wash your hair after three of the rebonding process.

Precautions after the treatment: – Use advised products to maintain the health of your hair

  • Regular oiling is advised for nourishment of your hair
  • Do not tie your hair for at least a week after the treatment
  • Try not washing your hair for a week after the treatment