Body services have always been popular but nowadays they are not just perceived as regimes for special days. They are gaining popularity because of their benefits for the skin, leaving it smooth, healthy and soft. It is a treatment for the entire body which relaxes and calms the body.


Home remedies work the best when it comes to enhance your beauty. Ubtan is an old and effective way to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin. This ayurvedic treatment serves many purposes and gives the skin a natural radiant glow. From centuries Ubtan is celebrated as the brides’ beauty ritual. Besides its beauty benefits, Ubtan has a lot of therapeutic and skin curing benefits. Ubtan is even more beneficial when combined with a full body massage for complete detox and rejuvenation.

Belle Wave Premium B-Lift Essensuals:

This treatment helps in creating a fuller and more defined bust silhouette. This procedure uses the radical firming complexes to create a natural lift that tones the cleavage. Polysaccharides contain sugar molecules enhance the moisture level of your skin around the breast and cleavage.

Body Wave Professional Porcelain Luxe Therapy:

This is a therapy with a lot of nutrients that smoothens, polishes skin that replenishes skin naturally. This luxury procedure is designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin with all the vitamins. This therapy has benefits like providing moisture, nourishment, smoothness and radiance.