The Retrieve’s Inch Loss treatment is all you need to get that body you have been wishing for. The treatment can be used to treat the areas like the thighs, belly, arms and hips. This inch loss programme systematically targets the areas with excess fat concentration and reduces fat cells gradually. The breakdown of these fat cells leads to an increased metabolism and thinner fatty wall chambers. This procedure is also helpful people who have been through a massive weight loss and left with a saggy and loose skin.

How does it work? This treatment makes use of Ultrasound and Radio frequency. The Ultrasound essentially focuses on breaking down the fat cells which dissolve into the body and then escape the body naturally. The Radio frequency encourages Collagen generation to tighten the skin as you lose the inches.

This procedure lasts up to 3-6 months and is long lasting. The client will need a course of 6 sessions spaced between in an interval of 2-3 weeks. The results may vary from person to person.

Benefits of the procedure:  – Helps in instant inch loss

  • Reduces fat without any side effects
  • Helpful in tightening saggy skin
  • Non- invasive and non-surgical treatment