About Us

With the changing standards of beauty, people are trying to take that extra effort to look and feel beautiful. Beauty treatments have made it convenient to achieve all the goals you have been struggling to reach. In this millennial age it is all about an aesthetically pleasing personality and wellness centres have made it easier to look the way you have always wanted. Ranging from slimming procedures to beauty treatments and all the salon services, looking beautiful is just a step away from where you are.

Established in 2018, The Retrieve is a wellness and beauty centre. Offering a series of the most radical medically proven treatments. We are the best fit to boost your confidence and personal well- being. All the treatments at our centre are non-invasive and are performed by highly skilled professionals and medically trained dermatologists. We are proficient at providing beauty as well as health solutions to our clients. From weight loss solutions to beauty treatments we qualify to deliver the best of services with a trustworthy staff including dieticians, physiotherapists, cosmetologists and anaesthetists.

We excel in weight management, skin and laser treatments along with beauty and salon services. At The Retrieve, we are inclined to provide the finest services that not only enhance your beauty but also focus on your overall well-being.

About the founder : Passion, talent, vision and experience put together compile a personality who is the face behind the contemporary and modern wellness centre, The Retrieve. Mrs. Anubhuti Srivastava has a different vision towards beauty and is passionate about crafting delightful personalities. She believes that every person is beautiful but a few enhancements do no harm. With a working term of more than 17 years in the field, she has had an incredible journey. With an understanding of the millennial standards of beauty and how your personality can play a big role in your life, Mrs. Anubhuti has been unceasingly working in the field. She has extensively worked with renowned beauty brands like Vlcc and Kaya Kalp. After acquiring all the necessary skills and expertise she laid the foundations of her own centre, The Retrieve. Her abiding passion for people’s wellness have led her here as she is rendering your idea of a perfect self into reality. The Retrieve is a wellness centre, which is a complete solution for all your beauty needs and overall wellness.