Unlike Rebonding, Smoothening does not permanently straighten your hair but gives it a smoother and silkier texture. The chemicals used in Smoothening are entirely different from Rebonding and work differently on your hair.

The effects of Smoothening lasts for a long time and until the hair is cut off. The new hair growth will be similar to your natural hair but the smoothened hair will remain the same. It takes 6-10 months for a full re-growth of hair varying from person to person.

How does it work? Before the Smoothening procedure the hair is prepped by washing and conditioning thoroughly. The smoothening cream is applied to the hair and left for at least 30 minutes and washed off. After this the hair is straightened out with a ceramic hair straightener. Later a cream is applied for 15-20 minutes to further seal the effects of smoothening. Wash off, blow dry and you are done.

Precautions after the treatment: – Do not pin/tuck or tie your hair in any way for at least 3 days

  • After 3 days the salon will give you the first hair wash and then you can wash your hair as per your convenience
  • Do not oil your hair for at least 15 days after the treatment