(a) Pico Second Q-switched NdYag: This is the latest technology for anaesthetic use. This laser equipment reaches the deepest skin tissue and results in the complete removal of a tattoo. Pico Second laser has the ability to convert laser energy into gentle pressure and generates new collagen without damaging or burning the natural cell tissues.

Benefits of Pico Second Laser: – Complete tattoo removal

  • Clears speckles, freckles and age spots
  • Useful in removal of vascular lesions and spider vessels
  • Removes birthmarks and Otas neavus

(b)  Q- switched tattoo removal: Q- switched laser is a very frequently used laser for tattoo removal. The laser breaks down the pigment into smaller particles so that the ink can be removed by making the use of body’s natural filtering system.

The complete removal of the tattoo may take several sessions, depending on the size and colour of the tattoo.

Benefits of Q-switch laser: – Effectively removes tattoos

  • Tattoo removal involves minimum risks
  • Removes a series of different coloured tattoos